Bohinj | Slovenia: the pearl of the Julian Alps

The largest lake in Slovenia lies in the Julian Alps, in a glacial valley. Its surface covers 3.18 square kilometers, and it achieves a depth of 45 meters. The lake heats up to 23 °C in summer and it is a marvelous natural bathing place. Its crystal clear waters contain numerous fish, notably the well-known, and delicious, Bohinj trout. The entire north shore is protected. A track leads by the shore, one of the most at- tractive paths in Bohinj. There is an asphalt road concealed in the forest along the south shore and there are also a number of tourist facilities on this side.

Slovenia: Lake Bohinj

To this day the lake area has managed to avoid urban development and has thus preserved the natural beauty of its shores and the exceptional clarity of its waters. The breathtaking natural beauty, tranquillity and unhindered landscape of this region make it an ideal tourist destination.

Naplemente Lake at Bohinj

Bohinj is one of the loveliest alpine resorts in Slovenia and an excellent starting point for short or longer trips and hikes through the Triglav National Park. A gondola cableway brings visitors high above the lake to Mt. Vogel at an altitude of 1000 m. Here is also an excellent ski center. Lake Bohinj can be a starting point for a climbing tour or a walk to the waterfall Savica.

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The source of the Sava River, an hour’s walk west of the Zlatorog Hotel at Ukanc, is the Savica Waterfall, which pours from a limestone cave and falls 60 meters into a narrow gorge.