Golf Slovenia – Golf Courses

There are many sites in Slovenia to golf and you absolutely cannot refuse the chance because the holiday resorts are really affordable for everyone. You will be stunned at the beauty and the fresh air in Slovenia. Savour your holiday by loosening up and playing your preferred sport in Slovenia.


The Lipica golf course is situated on the countryside of Karst. There are lot of oak trees and old lime trees and the climate is moderate Mediterranean which gives invariant fresh air to breath. The landforms in Karst are utterly amazing and the course is pleasurable for anyone who is looking for beauty in a course.

The Arboretum golf course in Slovenia is located at Volcji Potok and attracts golfers from all over the world to come and savor the greens. There are 9 greens, an 18-hole course, and a driving range that you can test your skills on. The terrain is undulating and extremely colourful and provides for an amazingly relaxing and special holiday for any golfer.

When you golf at the Olimje golf course the people alone are cause for the most brilliant holiday of your life. You will enjoy some of the greatest hospitality of the local people in Slovenia and the landscape on the golf course brings to the enjoyment even more. At That Place are just 9 holes on this golf course but every hole demands proper skill and approaching for golf players when they name their balls for the swing.

The Livada golf course in Slovenia offers an astounding Prekmurje landscaping. At That Place are plenty of cultural and historical points of interest for you to enjoy in addition to the course. If you are searching for relaxation and peacefulness then you have come to the adequate spot. You can as well enjoy a bit of recreation as you enjoy the delight of your favourite sport.

The Golden Hill golf course in Slovenia is straight up against the mighty Konjiska gora vineyards. The silent presence and pleasant sight of the vineyards is glamourous. The Golden Hill golf course is the center of the town situated on a 1300 meter vale spreading around an old mansion serving as a country club that you can enjoy spending your time in. If you are a vino fan in gain to golf then you absolutely cannot miss golfing at the Golden Hill course.

Golden Hills Beyond the Greens

The Ptuj golf course in Slovenia is too built-up near the Konjiska gora vineyards and is straight close to the Golden Hill course. After you finish a day at the Golden Hill you must pass over to the Ptuj to check the great golf holes they feature to propose. This is an excellent holiday because you will be able to enjoy two golf courses at the same location.