Golfing Holidays Slovenia

If golfing is one of your favored pastimes or your preferred way to spend your holidays, then you must consider golfing in Slovenia. Slovenia has eight awesome golf courses you can enjoy hitting the parks and spending the most restful holidays you ever conceived of on some of the most low-cost and gorgeous courses you have ever experienced.

The Golf Court near Bled

The eight golf courses you can spend a holiday in Slovenia on include Bled, Mokrice, Lipica, Arburetum, Olimje, Livada, Golden Hill, and Ptuj.
Golfing in Slovenia is one of the cheap fashions to spend a holiday if you are looking for prime courses while still maintaining a budget. Golfing can be a quite pricey fun already, therefore it is fine to be able to golf in a splendid post at low-cost terms.

Golf course Bled in Slovenia is enclosed by the mountains and has a calming silence of a picturesque lake. The climate is mild and the air is pure and comforting. Bled is a grand mountainous resort that adds a natural charm to it. There are numerous tourists that travel to Bled so if you like the crowd and the hustle and bustle then it is the adequate target for you. In plus to the fantastic golf course for you to enjoy you can also take a boat to Bled island and check the castle, a museum, and a art gallery. There is also a gambling casino for your pleasure, nonstop public events, and more. The active and exciting life is waiting for you in Slovenia at golf course Bled for your future holiday.

Castle Mokrice near Brežice, Slovenia

The golf course Mokrice is placed in the mountainous and green landscaping of Dolenjska and veiled in a quiet castle park. The castle is an interesting part of the visit and a pleasure for people to tour. Mokrice includes a Romanesque sense with medieval lords of the castle. This is a outstanding spot to take your family if you wish to golf and give them something to do while you are out on the greens.