Holiday In Slovenia

Slovenia lies between mountainous Austria and Italy, the plains in Hungary, and the warm Adriatic Sea. Its diverse landscape always astounds first-time visitors when throwing holiday in Slovenia.

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Ready for you are the snow-covered mounts of the Alps and Triglav national park with countless glacial valleys, gorges, waterfalls and clear wild waters.
Ready for you is the Mediterranean sea-coast, the uncorrupted Karst world with plateaus, fields, vales, and vanishing lakes and rivers. There are more than eight thousand underwater caves, ranging from the world-renowned Postojna and Škocjan caves with their exquisite stalactites, stalagmites, and transparent curtains to more inaccessible caves you can research in the companionship of practiced local guides.
Ready for you are renowned health resorts and health spas developed around many thermal and mineral natural springs, historic small towns and medieval towns, castles of the past times and modern-day casinos…

Cycle Tour of Slovenia 3-14

There is a full range of overnight accommodation choices in Slovenia. Visitors may choose a hotel, apartment hotel, garni hotel, motel, guest house, villa, bungalow, apartment, private room, tourist farm, mountain lodge, youth hostel or campsite. Most accommodation is opened all year round.

Capital of Slovenia hasn’t always been representing one of Europe’s most representative holiday destinations. While Barcelona , Paris and Rome were flooded with tourists on a weekend break, the exquisite city of Ljubljana was one of Europe’s hidden treasures. But Slovenia and its capital are becoming increasingly popular as holiday destinations. Slovenia’s capital city, has managed to keep its history and culture while embracing the future. It is a expanding city but even so has numerous historic sites including The Old Town with its medieval castle.