Piran Slovenia

Piran has a quite ruling Italian ambience to feel equated to its neighbouring cities. The citizens of Piran most likely welcomed the Venetians rather of fighting against them which totally established Piran unlike than other Slovenian cities.

Piran, Slovenia

For several significant years, the people of Piran have been dealt with the peoples of Venice since Piran is one of their prosperous towns. Then again, afterwards Piran gone conquered by the Austrian Empire and fallen down in the common world suchlike its across water neighbour Trieste in Italy. This is the master reason why Piran has persisted immune even when the time passes by which astonishes historiographers and visitors. Like most museums in the world which operates on their own times of day throughout the year, Segej Masera Maritime Museum practices the same but it does not open during November. Segej Masera Maritime Museum reports the dominion of the Venetians which consists of three significant features of Piran; the sailing, salt (there are huge quantities of salt on the road nearby Portoroz), and sea.


In whatsoever case, Piran not only shares the similarities of Italy in terms of architecture – it also delivers the similarities of the food and drink. The restaurants in Piran do have Slovenian dishes but it inclines to concentrate to a greater extent towards Italian dishes, for instance risotto, compared to other cities of Slovenia. The really tasty seafood, the risotto, a fine salad and superbly marinated sardines with delicious french-fried potatoes together with a half carafe of wine usually cost less than 20 Euro.