Slovenia Tourism – Statistic

After the statistic data points of 2007, Slovenia bursts all the records on the tourist quantity. Ecologically clear, plentiful in nature, culture and monuments of history, the state with middle-European charm, Slovenia surprises and captures straight in the first meeting.

Branch at the top

From year to year it becomes even more irresistible for the tourists; during the first five years of the year 2007 the hotels of Slovenia have received 873678 tourists which is 10% more than during the corresponding time period of the former year which has made up in whole around 3 million nights – 8% more than the result of 2006.

Lauro's Spot of Wellness and Decoration.

Merely in May 213373 foreign and national tourists have spent 600927 days in hotels of this Balkan nation. During the first 5 months of this year the basic flow of tourists were in Italy (21%), Austria (16%), Croatia (11%), Great Britain (6%), Hungary (3%), Russia (3%) and Serbia (3%). The greatest success features the wellness tourism which over a couple of past years has turned almost the most significant section of the tourist business of Slovenia. The Slovenia sanatoriums in this year have received the maximal quantity of tourists in comparison with the very period of the past years, about 240000 individuals. The typical attending of holiday resorts was more than 54,5 % and in 5 of them has even passed 70%. Also the occupation of the tourist apartments has increased, while in the camp-site this index has lessened. In these types of accommodation the figure of Slovenian tourists raised to 8,3%, and of foreign- to 4,5%.