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A Diversity to Discover | Slovenia travel guide

Our travel guide takes you to what was once known as Eastern Europe, which in fact was Central Europe and now just Europe, where you can discover the diversity of varied landscape, the Alps with the magic mountains, snow white, suitable for snow skiing or a mountaineering trip, and on the other side the Adriatic sea, a place for swimming or to make a Mediterranean cruise. In an easy hour drive you can admire the Karst topography with its caves, wine growing hills, and the lake Bled. Slovenia travel guide will take you in the region between the Alps and the Mediterranean, a place set apart by magnificent mountains, thick forests and an Adriatic coastline.
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Slovenia travel: how to get in Slovenia

In a trip planning, or a travel to Europe, visit Slovenia and discover its picturesque sightseeings, its glacial lakes, olive trees, mediterranean climate and food, farmhouse accomodations, spa resorts, and leisure travel through a relaxing country. Our guide will make easy your family vacation, suggesting a cheap holiday in one of the many tourist places on the Slovenia map. Slovenia hotels are known for quality accomodation, but there are many other ways to find a suitable cheap accomodation or a luxury accomodation, outdoor camping or private accomodation. And as you travel through the country, scenic sights will unfold along the road: the snow-capped Alps, the blue Adriatic, white chapels dominating the hilltops and many ancient castles. Some of the chapels and castles that dot the countryside contain medieval frescos. Churches are from Gothic or even Romanesque times.

Slovenia travel: The capital Ljubljana is the starting point for a wide range of excursions. Ljubljana is located in the heart of Slovenia, along the banks of the Ljubljanica River.

A small country with a great heart: getting around is generally quick and easy.

By car
Slovenia has an excellent highway network connected to neighboring countries. However, the explosive growth in car ownership has meant tougher times for public transport, and bus schedules in particular have been slashed, so some planning ahead is required. Services are sparse on Saturdays and very limited indeed on Sundays. If you hire a car in Slovenia you will get a level of mobility and self direction that you won’t get by train or bus.

By train
Slovenia is well connected to all its neighboring states by train. The most popular routes connect from Wien in Austria (in good weather, this journey across the Julian Alps is spectacular), from Venice and Trieste in Italy, from Budapest in Hungary and from Zagreb in Croatia. All train lines converge on the capital Ljubljana.

By plane
Ljubljana Brnik is primary international airport situated north of the capital Ljubljana. The airport is the hub of national carrier Adria Airways, which flies to most major European cities and various Balkan destinations. Another convenient gateway especially to western Slovenia is via Trieste airport in Italy or Klagenfurt, in Austria, which are only an hour’s drive from Ljubljana.

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